Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kickin it in Knoxville

March 2nd

The drive from Athens to Knoxville was only five hours, which was infinitely better than eleven, but five hours in a car is still five hours in a car. It sucks.
We got there around 8, found a nice hotel not too far from downtown, and got ready to hit the town. Even though it was freezing. Like, ears falling off, frozen tears, freezing. But we weren't gunna let it keep us inside. We were on vacation, dammit!

Yeah, that enthusiasm didn't last long. After walking through downtown, taking pictures of the infamous Tennessee sign, and trying to decide where to eat, we were ready to just get inside.
I will never, ever, yell at another snowbird again. I now understand wanting to escape that horribleness they call winter.

Just as we were about to cross the street, into one of the places that looked more lively on that frozen Saturday night, we were stopped by a drunk college guy being herded into a car by his very sober friend. Unlike in South Florida, the guy was nice and funny, and totally not creepy. We didn't run the other way like our instincts told us to, and I'm sure glad we didn't. He was hilarious, told us we were the most beautiful girls he had ever seen, complimented Rachelle's red hair and Arielle's yellow jacket. We won't ever forget you, drunk college boy from Knoxville.

The next day consisted of exploring the town, finding apartment complexes and enjoying the rollings hills and the crisp air. Everything is just so different up there, from the people to the buildings, even the way the sun shines! (Or doesn't, lol)

That night we found an awesome brewery with the best pizza, drank my very first (and definitely not last) cider beer, played pool and darts like a bunch of boys and left Old City, Knoxville just a bit happier.

Monday was our last day there, and we decided to walk around the town while the stores were open and in doing so, we found a local radio station that played live music, for free, everyday of the week. We popped in, listened to some seriously talented artists and finally decided that West Palm Beach was just the wrong city for these music loving girls. But it was time to go. We could hear Nashville calling our names and little did we know that the best had yet to begun.

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