Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nashville Notes, Part 3

So far on the trip, we had been getting up early enough every morning for the free breakfast. Well, Wednesday was not one of those days. Hotel rooms have this thing where they stay completely pitch black, and no matter how many alarms you set, you stay asleep. For hours. And hours. And, well, you get the idea.

We figured, what the hell, took our time getting ready (aka curled our hair, picked out cute/comfortable/warm outfits) and made our way back to the neon lights district to find a place for lunch...because by the time we left the room, it was already lunch time.

The whole trip we had been using this app on our handy-dandy smartphones called UrbanSpoon, and just as usual, it took us to the best lunch place in town. If you think a grilled cheese sandwich is boring, think again. 
This was gourmet meets eight dollar price tag. It was awesome. And, on top of that, we had the best server ever. She was spunky, she was sweet, she had a southern accent, and she had served Blake Shelton more than once. Yeah, we had stars in our eyes.
After talking to her for an undisclosed amount of time, we decided to go ahead with our kind of crazy plan of making the drive to The Bluebird Cafe. If any of you have watched the show Nashville, then you'll know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, then here we go..

The Bluebird Cafe is a place for songwriters to gather and showcase their original songs. Some of them have been bought and played on the radio so many times that you and I could sing the songs by heart. Others are just starting out, but not in any way inferior to the big name guys. To get a seat in this cafe, you usually have to reserve them weeks in advance. They do have a section that is saved for first-come-first-serve, but it's full as soon as the doors are open.

Arielle, Rachelle and I showed up ten minutes before 6 and snagged the last three seats in the house. We were told that that never happens. The lights dimmed, the songwriters were introduced, and we held our breaths in anticipation. Let me tell you, The Bluebird Cafe did not disappoint.
We heard songs sung by Kenney Chesney, Randy Travis, Blake Shelton, The Band Perry....
Even the songs that hadn't been bought yet were amazing. It was magical. An experience I will never, ever, forget.

Of course, The Bluebird Cafe was followed up by another night downtown, where we ran into Utah (a girl from the bar Losers the night before) and listened to some more awesome music. But this time, the music was different. It was better. Because these guys, the nobodies giving it their all on a random stage in the middle of Nashville, they deserve the recognition. They put in the work and they have the heart.

Thursday morning followed with grunts and groans. Not only did we actually hear our alarms that morning, but it was also check-out day. You see, the plan was to leave Nashville Thursday morning and make our merry way to Memphis. It wasn't happening. There was still so much we wanted to do in Nash Vegas and anyone who was anyone told us that Nasvhille was the place to be. So we listened and went downstairs with the intentions of booking two more nights at the hotel. Except it was full.

And when we sat down at lunch (at the same restaurant as the day before) and searched the web for available hotels in the area, we came up with nothing. Nada. Zilch.
We were screwed. 
And then genius Raquel over here (that's me, guys) came up with the idea to research hostels in the Nashville area. God must have been looking out for us, because there were three. And one of them was literally around the corner from where we were. We booked the room, told them we'd be checking in at 3 p.m., and then bit our nails, because, three girls alone in a hostel? Sounds like a bad movie.

**Tune in next time for the rest of this epic story...

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