Sunday, April 7, 2013

Only You

Before I became involved with KDP Amazon (FB relationship status=it's complicated) I would see these free books and be like, Whaaaaat?! Why are these books free? Who would do that?

This girl would, apparently.

If you're like me and are wondering why anyone would spend months or even years writing a book, only to offer it for FREE, than let me give you a bit of insight.
Some people will tell you that you should write because you love it and not for the money. But let's face it; I love to write, and I would love if it made me money. Does that make me a bad person? I don't think so. For some people, simply having their work out there is payment enough.
For people like me, offering our books for free gives us the chance to get exposure. I mean, over 1,100 people now have my book on their reading devices. This afternoon, my book was listed on the same page as The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Really?! That might just be payment enough for me.

But in the long run, the number of downloads will hopefully boost my overall sales. Hopefully the people who have downloaded it and are reading it will leave reviews, which will also boost my rankings. The thing about this writing books thing is that it depends on YOU.

You buy it.
You read it.
You decide if you like it.
You decide to review it.
You decide to tell your friends about it.
Unless I'm prepared to go all spammy on everyone, there's only so much I can do. If there's anything that this past week has taught me, it's that there's a lot that I can do. I will never underestimate the job of marketing. Ever. Again.

In other news, I am in the process of preparing my book for paperback! My very own copy is on it's way to my front door as we speak (or as I write.) Hopefully it'll all work out and be up for sale by the end of the month. I will surely keep you all updated on that!

Infinite thank you's to everyone for taking the time to read my words, and for offering such positive feedback. It's an awesome feeling to be told that you're good at what you love to do.

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