Monday, May 20, 2013

All That Jazz

I feel like I should be updating this thing more than once a week, but honestly, I totally forget to. And then I feel like I never know what to write! When it comes to writing books, I've got ideas for days. No, seriously. There's, like, a million story lines and plots and characters running through my head at any given moment. It's very hard to keep track of reality sometimes. Great, now I sound crazy.

I swear I'm not.
But it definitely feels like it.

Anywho, I had started working on Tailspin (Nathan's story) soon after publishing Toxic, but I wasn't feeling it, and if I'm not feeling something, I get writer's block, and if I get writer's block, I keep writing but the writing I do during writer's block just ain't any good. You get me?
So I put it aside and I didn't write for a while. I actually focused my efforts on sending out more queries to more agents about the book I first wrote back in October of last year (titled Originals.) While I did receive some positive feedback from a couple of said agents, it was still a no-go for that one. I intend to keep pursuing the traditional publishing route for Originals, but I can only do it in doses. So many no's gets to ya, you get me?
Then there's this one book I'm in the middle of, called Second Chance Love, and it's probably the one I'm most proud of, as far as the writing goes. I don't know, maybe I just think it's better than it really is because I'm putting the time and effort into it, but it's different than anything else I've written. The main character is twenty five and married and dealing with different issues than that of a just graduated eighteen year old. But we'll see how that goes and all that jazz.

The thing about writing is, I enjoy it. A lot. It's always what I've wanted to do, besides being a mom. And it's different than being a mom. Writing is my own. I create it, but it doesn't need me. I need it. In some ways, it nourishes me, replenishes my soul on days when I'm all tuckered out. Like today, when the baby is sick and the house is a mess and dying your sister's hair blue doesn't turn out quite right (blue fades to green...whudda thunk.)
But more than that, it settles this piece inside of me that is constantly moving. Sometimes I feel like I can't think straight until I get all of these words out. It rattles and jostles and pushes against all of the other parts of my brain until I set fingers to keyboard and let the words flow free. And then it calms. It tires of running and it lies still, if only for a moment.

Maybe I am crazy.

Either way, I don't think I'm ever going to stop. I know I'm not the best writer in the world. I know there will be people out there who read my books and think, is this a joke? But that's okay, cause I don't do it for them. I don't do it for the money or the glory or the fame. I do it because it's a piece of who I am.

And of course, I find time in between everything to read because I'm obsessed with it, and like everything else I'm obsessed with (rounded numbers, smells...) it kind of takes over sometimes. 

My hardcopy read is still Rebel Heart by Moira Young because it makes me anxious and tense and I can't read it all at once. Which, incase you were wondering, is a fantastic thing. I've learned to pace myself when reading to fully enjoy each and every word, instead of blasting through it like I used to do when I was an amateur reader. Now I'm a professional...duhhhhh.

This week's Kindle read is Sapphire Universe by Devon Herrera.
It was a free download, along with about six other books I found this week, which has been incredible for my bank account, let me tell ya.

I'll end this post with a few things I've learned this weekend.
1. Birthday parties are exhausting.
2. There is such a thing as too much sleep.
3. I can only watch movies with an insane amount of action or else I get very bored and very antsy and ultimately end up annoying every single person around me.

Ps.- Star Trek: Into Darkness has insane amounts of action and was awesome to see via giant movie screen. I can imagine that it would be even cooler via 3D. Too bad I hate those damn glasses.

Happy Monday, everyone! Get your freaky weeky on!

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