Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Growing Words

The idea behind making this new blog, Along the Rocky Road, versus writing on my old blog, Rocky's Modern Life was that this one would be full of books news, more professional instead of family-oriented to keep from giving personal information to those who might not care to read it. And while I plan to stick to that, sometimes the lines get blurred. I write, I read, but I'm a mom, too. And as a mom, I read books for kids and sometimes I am compelled to write about those books on this blog, because, well, it's about books!

So you see my dilemma.

I am about to get a bit emotional, here, with a story about my son and the book we read today. If you're not looking to read about another mom with another story, than stop right here. If you chose to continue, don't say I didn't warn you.

A few weeks ago, Aubrey had his second birthday- it's crazy, I know, how fast they grow. I didn't even mean to let it happen; one second he was brand new and so tiny, slipping slightly as his skin came into contact with mine for the very first time, from the outside, at least, and the next minute he was sitting at our dining room table, shy and apprehensive as twenty pairs of eyes stared and twenty mouths sang. He looked over at me, his eyes carefully assessing the situation and I nodded and smiled, the proverbial green light he was looking for. He blew out his candle, stuck his fingers in the icing, and the world was right again. For him, at least, in his two year old mind. And it was for me, too, despite the fact that he was growing up, growing away from me. Because in that one look he told a story; one of looking for acceptance and love instead of just expecting it as infants naturally do, and I tried to hold back the sorrow that came with him letting him grow; with nodding my head instead of rushing to his side to hold his hand and blowing out the candle for him.

The party came and went, and at the end of the day he was still my baby, if only slightly older. The reason I tell this story is because one of the gifts he got, from on my very best friends was Oh, the Places You'll Go! By Dr. Suess. We hadn't really had a chance to pick it up before today and read it. Sure, he flipped through the pages while I sat idly by and wrung my hands, hoping to heaven and back that he wouldn't tear them because I'm crazy like that, but we never actually read it. Today, we did. And my heart broke. And I cried. And I was humiliated, because, who cries over Dr. Suess?

Apparently, I do. But i just couldn't help it. And at that moment, in my teary eyed, thick voiced reading, I was struck by the magic that is Dr. Suess. The genius. What he's done and who he's affected and how he got to see some of the wake he created in the masses of the world. And to think he does that with so little words. We're always told that there's power in them, how they can warp and skew, enlighten or enrage. I read a quote the other day, something along the lines of, if the words we spoke were forever carved onto our bodies, would we be more careful about what was said? 

It's never struck so true before. And to think it took a Dr. Suess sized book to make it glaringly obvious.

I like to think that my books, this blog, my journal or anything else I've written is a part of me; my soul, my heart, the very thing that makes me alive. Like the little boy who was changed my life, forever my heart walking around outside of my body, these words have done the same thing. Maybe not so drastically, but nonetheless existing outside of me, for all to see, for all to criticize. But it was never a question to keep them to myself, just as Aubrey will surely leave the protection of my wings one day entirely too soon.

And if Dr. Suess is right about anything (and let's face it, he usually is)

There will be high's and there will be low's. 
There will be yes's, and there will be no's.
And, most assuredly so, 
Life will always be a tough road.

But it'll be worth it in the end, you see,
To look back upon all the things we've achieved
To see with smiling eyes the lives we've created,
The paths we've situated,
The people with which we've become infatuated.

The money won't matter-
The valuables, they shatter!
All that will be left is the happiness and the laughter,
The love and the happily ever after.

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