Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I think it's safe to say that this page hasn't gotten any lovin' in a while. I'll take the blame- and no excuses this time. I've just been neglecting it the same way I've been neglecting the ideas in my head.

It's been more than two months since I've written anything more than a blog post. I've been stuck in this cloud of writer's block and self-doubt.
Can I do this? 
Am I good enough?
It's not like I have a college degree for it, like most authors do. Hell, I don't have a college degree at all. I've learned all I have from teaching myself, and even then I know that I have a lot left to learn. I'm young, only 23, and it's not like I've experienced a lot in my short life. But the thing is, I have these ideas in my head- these characters that appear in my dreams and sort of take on a life of their own, and I feel like I have on obligation to get them on paper.

Whether or not people read them isn't the point. I guess I write to purge my mind- to make room for new ideas and new worlds by giving life to characters like Logan and Nathan. That was an entirely different situation, however. Logan came to me like a flash of lightning and I literally had her pinned from the beginning. Nathan was a bit more complex and thus his story took longer. But this new idea I have? These new people? They're complicated.

I've had to do a lot of research for this new book, and I guess that's where I start to question myself.
Will I do these character's justice? 
Will I give their stories the reality they deserve?
Whether I'm writing a book or blogging on my other blog, my main goal is to be relateable. I want people to read what I've written and say, "Yep, been there, done that." And I think Said and Done will be my most significant writing yet. (The blurb is super vague for now...)

Anyways, I hope to be on here more often and writing more often. I think I've finally got a good thing going. Now it's just about sticking with it.

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